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Upgrade your mobility gear with the Sunu and BlindSquare integration!

The Sunu Band is a smart mobility aid that uses echolocation to complement your white cane or guide dog. You simply wear it like a watch and it works as an invisible white cane for your upper body, allowing you to perceive people, obstacles, and spaces around you through vibrations. Additionally, the band integrates to the BlindSquare App to provide on-the-go GPS assistance, accompanying you like a virtual sighted guide.
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iOS Sunu App

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BlindSquare Users Only

Standard Purchase


1 Sunu Band

 +  Sunu App Basic (for iOS)

 + 2-year Warranty*

What’s Included: 

Basic Navigation Features:  Where am I?, Places, Favorites, Compass, Street Pointer.

Basic Utilities:                              Haptic Watch, Vibratory Alarms, and Phone Finder.

3 Sonar Presets:                   Proximity detection based on frequency or power.

• Optional: For $9.99 / month, add a premium subscription.

$279 one time payment


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Premium Purchase

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1 Sunu Band

 +  Sunu App Premium (for iOS)

 + 2-year Warranty*

What’s Included:

Advanced Navigation Features:

Basic Navigation + Place Pointer.

Proximity detection + Shape detection.

$559 one time payment


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Premium Membership

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1 Sunu Band: Device upgrade every 24 months.

 +  Sunu App Premium (for iOS)

 +  Lifetime Warranty*

What’s Included:

7 Advanced Sonar Presets:

Where am I?, Places, Favorites, Compass, Street Pointer

+ Hardness and Shape detection. ( Detecs the stiffness and shape of an object)

+ Proximity detection based on frequency or power.

(Detects the proximity and shape of an object)

• Advanced Navigation Features: Basic Navigation + Place Pointer

Utilities: Haptic Watch (taps you on your wrist to alert you when you get a notification.)

+ Vibratory Alarms, and Phone Finder.

$19.99 /month

+  $59 activation fee (one time payment)


Standard vs Premium

  • Standard Sonar:
    +Proximity Detection
    +Up to 3 Sonar Presets

  • Premium Sonar:
    +Proximity Detection
    +Up to 7 Sonar Presets
    +Shape Detection
    +Hardness Detection
  • Standard Navigation:
    +Where am I
    +Street Pointer
  • Premium Navigation:
    +Standard Navigation
    +Place Pointer

*All plans include Haptic Watch, Haptic Alarms, and Phone Finder. All Premium Plans include access to future feature releases.

The next generation of Sunu (Band + App) is here.

Advanced Sonar with Hardness & Shape Detection

The Sonar Hardness detects the changes in an object’s hardness and provides haptic (vibratory) textures to distinguish between soft, medium, and hard. This improvement makes it super easy to differentiate between walls, trees, cars, people, bushes, and more. Additionally, the Sonar Shape helps Sunu Band users understand the boundaries of objects, the inclination of walls, the shape of things, wall intersections, and more. 

Image showing the difference between object textures


A brand new gestures feature makes interacting with your Sunu Band much more intuitive. Simply tap your thigh to navigate through the features. Super easy!

Close up hands gesture
Senior man looking for pharmacy and Main street

Advanced Navigation with Place Finder & Street Pointer

Ready to head outside? We’ve made maps much easier to use. Simply point your Sunu Band or phone in any direction and quickly get real-time information of the names of streets or places in the direction you are pointing and determine if you’re headed the right way. The Sunu app will list places and streets in sightline based on how close they are.

My Sunu Band Tab (2.0)

Gain full access to all Sunu Band features through this tab. We’re continually adding new cool things, but that does not mean using them needs to be harder. We’re giving you full customization access to your Sunu Band by simplifying the interface, adding more options while keeping the classic tools. Customize the features that appear on your menu, and decide your quick access preferred feature.

Smartphone showing the Sunu Ban tab
Young guy showing his Sunu Band


Are legally blind.

Already use other mobility tools: white cane or guide dog.

Are over 16 years of age.

Use a smartphone.

Have experience with Assistive Technology.

Move around places without the need of a sighted guide.

Have experience with Orientation and Mobility.

Want to protect your head and upper body.




Sonar Sensor

15 feet or 4.5-meter detection range

Adjustable sensing angle up to 40º

Haptic Actuator

Licensed Immersion TouchSense®2200

127 haptic effects

User Interface

2 side mechanical buttons

1 capacitive touchpad


Bluetooth Low Energy


LiPo Battery 190mAh, 0.703W

Charging Port


Sunu band render

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*Please read our Sunu Limited Warranty & Safety Notice